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Breast Health

Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer among women in this country (other than skin cancer). Each year, more than 211,000 American women learn they have this disease.

Guidelines for Early Detection
The American Medical Association, The American College of Radiology, and The American Cancer Society recommend the following three-step approach to supporting good breast health:

  1. Mammography - Beginning at age 40, women should have a mammogram every year.

  2. Breast Self-Exam - Beginning at age 20, women should examine their breasts every month.

  3. Clinical Breast Exam - Women ages 20-39 should have a breast exam performed by their health care provider every three years. Women ages 40 and older should have a breast exam performed by their health care provider every year.  

What is a Mammogram?

Mammography is a low-dose X-ray of the breast. Sarah Bush Lincoln offers mammograms in two ways. Digital mammography is available in the Mammography Department and on the mobile mammogram van. It offers women and technologists greater ease and comfort than traditional (film) mammography. Since the X-rays it produces are reviewed for quality in "real time" while women are still in position, they are repositioned less frequently and called back less often to retake images that are of poor quality. Completed images are then sent electronically to radiologists who view, magnify and digitally manipulate images to accurately diagnose breast tissue.

Women also benefit from the iCAD system for each mammogram read at Sarah Bush Lincoln. iCAD (or intelligent computer-aided detection) is a computer program designed to recognize patterns of calcification and tissue density of the breast. It can detect 23 percent of breast cancers an average of 14 months earlier than screening mammography alone. However, it does not replace the radiologists who interpret the films.

Sarah Bush Lincoln also offers Mobile Mammography. The primary reason women report that they do not receive mammograms is access. The mobile mammography unit travels to area county health departments, businesses and SBL's extended campus clinics to provide access to women living in those communities, thus eliminating the issue of access. The mobile mammography unit travels to the following counties: Coles, Jasper, Moultrie, Clark, Cumberland and Douglas. Take the mammography quiz.

To schedule a mammogram either at the Health Center or in the mobile unit, call SBL Central Scheduling at (217) 258- or 348-2588. View the Mobile Mammo Van schedule.

Signs and Symptoms of Breast Cancer

Mammograms often detect breast changes before women notice symptoms. The following symptoms, however, should be reported to a physician:

• A painful lump or thickening in your breast or surrounding tissue
• Any thickening or swelling that persists
• Nipple inversion or retraction
• Skin dimpling or puckering
• Any spontaneous discharge from the nipple

Breast Prostheses and Mastectomy BrasIn Home Medical of Sarah Bush Lincoln offers Mastectomy Services to help pave the road to recovery for many women by helping to restore their appearance and renew their self-confidence following breast surgery. In Home Medical is located at 300 Coles Centre Parkway, Mattoon, and at 903 N. Maple in Effingham. Fitting appointments can be scheduled by calling 1-800-345-3191.

Mobile Mammography Schedule