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SBL Women's Healthcare - Obstetrics & Gynecology

Women's Healthcare offers comprehensive obstetrics and gynecological services at the Sarah Bush Lincoln Health Center.

Fleming, Mel.jpg
Mel Fleming, MD, FACOG

Meyer, Scott.jpg
Scott Meyer, MD, FACOG

Miller, Rick.jpg
Rick Miller, DO

Taggart, Leslie.jpg
Leslie Taggart, APRN
Wochner, Nicole.jpg
Nicole Wochner, APRN

Obstetrical Care
When expecting a baby, each physician (Drs. Fleming, Miller and Meyer) will provide prenatal care so they can become better acquainted with the woman's health and that of her baby. Each of the highly regarded physicians have vast obstetrical experience, so women can be assured they are always receiving the best care. Women will deliver their babies in Sarah Bush Lincoln's Women and Children's Center in private birthing suites. To help women better care for their babies, they are highly encouraged to attend pre-natal education classes such as, Oh, Baby! The information gained through the class will help the mother care for her baby as it grows in utero and help her and her partner feel more comfortable during the delivery. Oh, Baby! Participants will also gain confidence to care for their babies when they go home.

Gynecologic Care
Women's bodies go through enormous changes throughout their lives, and it's important for them to find a medical provider with whom they feel comfortable. Our staff of doctors (Drs. Benson, Fleming, Miller and Meyer) and mid-level providers, Nicole Wochner, APN, and Leslie Taggart, APN, are well regarded in the medical community and provide exceptional clinical care.

1000 Health Center Drive, Suite 201
Mattoon, IL, 61938
8 am to 5 pm - Monday through Friday