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Peripheral Vascular Disease

A FREE event open to anyone interested in learning more about Peripheral Vascular Disease (PVD). 

Enjoy light snacks and hear from Prairie Heart Institute Interventional Cardiologist Amit Dande, MD, about symptoms, treatment and management of PVD.

2 to 3 pm
Wednesday, March 29

Lifespan Center  11021 E. County Rd. 800N, Charleston

Register for a limited number of free PVD screens.
Registration is required, please call 217-258-2420 or email Janet Truesdale at .

Peripheral Vascular Disease occurs in the arteries and veins that carry blood to the arms and legs. With PVD, the arteries and veins slowly become narrowed or blocked when plaque gradually forms inside the walls. When they are blocked, blood cannot get through to nourish organs and other tissue.

Symptoms include:
   • leg discomfort
   • pain or cramping that develops with activity and relieved with rest
   • numbness or weakness
   • heaviness or fatigue in the leg muscles when walking
   • burning or aching pain in the feet and toes when resting
   • cool skin in the feet
   • redness or other color changes of the skin
   • increased occurrence of infection
   • toe and foot sores that do not heal