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Prairie Cardiologists Urge:

When Chest Pain Occurs Always Dial, Never Drive

Dialing 911 saves critical treatment time, connects patients in Mattoon to world class care through the Prairie Chest Pain Network.

Each year, 1.2 million Americans will suffer a cardiac emergency. About one third of these patients will die before they reach the hospital for one critical reason: A delay in receiving crucial medical treatment. February is heart month, and the physicians of the Prairie Chest Pain Network are working to reduce this statistic and improve heart health awareness in Illinois by letting patients know: ‘It’s About Time –
Always Dial, Never Drive’. By calling 911, patients in Mattoon activate the Chest Pain Network and receive top heart care at Sarah Bush  Lincoln Health Center without traveling long distances.

“When it comes to heart health, every second counts,” said Shailesh Nandish, M.D., Medical Director of the Prairie Heart Chest Pain Network. “The Chest Pain Network allows us to offer fast, best-in-class care close to home for patients in Mattoon. By dialing 911 you can plug into the network, begin to receive diagnosis and treatment while traveling to the hospital and ensure top heart experts are informed of your specific condition and ready for your arrival. Saving this time can mean the difference between a treatable condition and irreversible heart damage – and even between life or death.”

Patients in Illinois have access to the highest quality heart care right in their own community hospitals, thanks to the Prairie Heart Institute’s Chest Pain Network. Prairie Heart Institute in Springfield, a nationally recognized leader in heart care, connects hospitals and emergency responders through the Chest Pain Network to accelerate care when it matters most. Hospitals participating in the network, such as Sarah Bush Lincoln Health Center, put in place the top protocols to promote rapid treatment for heart attack patients, allowing
them to provide the fastest and highest level of heart care in their area. Research shows that many Americans wait two hours or more before seeking medical attention for heart attack symptoms, and far too many heart attack patients drive themselves or have a family member drive them to the hospital. “Every heart attack is different, but common symptoms include pressure in the chest or arms and shortness of breath,” said Dr. Nandish. “When you experience these symptoms, or feel you may be having a heart attack, time is critical. Take steps now to be aware of the warning signs of a heart attack and discuss a plan with your family to dial 911 right away and ask to be taken to the hospital if these symptoms occur. Placing that call saves time that can be better spent diagnosing, stabilizing and treating your condition.”

The Prairie Chest Pain Network is a program of the Prairie Heart Institute of Illinois, connecting hospitals and EMS agencies for the fastest and best care for chest pain patients. The doctors of the Prairie Heart Institute have been nationally recognized for their speed in diagnosing and treating patients experiencing a heart attack.