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Patient Information

During your stay with us, your health, comfort and well-being are our greatest concerns. We strive to give you the highly skilled and compassionate care you deserve - in a healing environment.

The following will provide you and your family members the information you'll need throughout your stay. More detailed information is available in a Guide to Guest Services located in each patient room. If you have further questions, don't hesitate to ask. We want you to be informed about your care, comfortable with your surroundings and pleased with your service.

Visiting Hours

Our primary responsibility is to the health of our patients. Visitors are encouraged to be sensitive to the needs of our patients by keeping visits short and being considerate of the condition, treatment and recuperation activities of all of our patients.

In an effort to provide an environment that promotes healing, is safe, and is comfortable, Sarah Bush Lincoln supports a flexible visitor policy. Our patients control their own visitor flow. Patients may appoint a “support person” who helps fulfill their wishes. Patients may also identify persons they wish to be admitted as visitors. Door signage is available to each patient to help convey their wishes.

Persons are requested not to visit if they are recovering from a contagious illness or have had contact with a contagious illness, or have a fever, cough, sore throat or other respiratory or gastrointestinal symptoms to which we do not want to expose patients.

All entrances to the Health Center, except at the Emergency Department, are locked at night and require a staff badge swipe or staff keypad access number for entry. See the door signage for specific times. Visitors in the building after 8:30 pm, or those who have permission to spend the night, will be required to have or wear an identification sticker issued by Security. The sticker is color-coded to the particular unit they will be on and will include the visitor’s name and patient room number. 

For privacy and comfort, we ask that large groups of visitors use the various public reception areas to congregate rather than hallways as they take turns visiting the patient. We ask that visits be kept short and visitors limited to two at a time in the patient’s room. We also ask that visitors be sensitive to roommate needs for privacy during visits.   

No animals or pets, other than service animals for individuals with disabilities, are allowed. 

Visiting privileges can be restricted by the Health Center and doctors at any time it is deemed necessary. If visitors become disruptive, Security and supervisory staff will take measures up to and including asking a visitor to leave and/or involving law enforcement authorities.  

3 East, 4 Medical
A support person is permitted to remain with the patient at all times. Two visitors at a time for short periods.

3 West  
Visiting hours are 6 to 8 pm, Monday through Friday, 2 to 4 pm and 6 to 8 pm on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. For safety reasons, all visitors are checked in by Security before entering the unit. Personal belongings not permitted on the unit with a visitor are secured in lockers outside the unit for which the visitor is given a key. Two visitors are allowed to visit at a time. 

Critical Care Unit
A support person is permitted to remain with the patient at all times. Two visitors at a time can visit between 8:30 am and 8:30 pm. Visitors under the age of 14 must have visits pre-arranged with the Critical Care Unit (CCU) staff. Instructions for entering CCU to visit are posted by the telephone at the CCU entrance.

Women and Children’s Center (2W - Obstetrics, Gynecology and Pediatrics)
A support person is permitted to remain with the patient.

Due to the recent viral outbreaks and the onset of the cold, flu and RSV season, Sarah Bush Lincoln will implement visiting restrictions to Women & Children’s Center.

Seasonal visitation restrictions will begin Oct. 1 and run through March 30. For the safety of patients, Sarah Bush Lincoln requests that visitors be healthy with no symptoms of cold, flu or other illnesses. In the Women & Children’s Center, no one under the age of 18 will be permitted to visit unless they are siblings or parents of the patient being visited.

Specific visiting policies apply for vaginal and cesarean birth and physician consent must be obtained. This is a secure access unit to provide additional security for the patients. In order to gain access to the unit, all visitors must use a code provided by the patient they are visiting.

Surgical Services
Two visitors at a time are allowed in the pre-operative and post-operative areas.

Upon Arrival

Personal Belongings

Please check with your nurse about personal items that you can have during your stay or that could be provided for your use. Valuables, cash and jewelry should not be kept in your room during your stay. If you cannot send these items home for safe keeping, ask your nurse how to have them secured until you go home. You should carefully store and protect your glasses, dentures and hearing aids when they are not in use. If you do not have a storage container one can be provided. They should not be left on your over-bed or night stand where they could become broken or lost.

Medications from Home

Please arrange to have your home medications brought in so they can be identified. During a hospital stay, most, or all of your medications will be provided for you. By bringing them in, it helps us reconcile what you have been taking to what is ordered for your use while in the hospital. If your doctor assigns you to an Observation Bed, some of your medications from home can be used as a cost savings to you. In either case, your medications will be safely stored until you need them or until you go home. Some of your medications may change while you are in the hospital where your reaction to new medications or the discontinuation of previous medications can be carefully monitored.

Meals and Snacks

Your meals and supplemental snacks will be provided for you based on the specific diet your doctor has ordered. Beverages, snacks and full meals are available for your visitors. They can visit The Basement Bistro on the ground floor, the Gift Shop, and the Coffee Kiosk on the first floor, or one of the many vending areas in the Health Center. Please check with your nurse before eating snacks brought in by visitors as they may not be allowed on your therapeutic diet, or because of tests or procedures for which you are being prepared.

Electronics and Entertainment Media

Your room is equipped with a television that receives standard cable channels, as well as internal education channels for your entertainment and education. If you have a roommate, we ask that you respect each other's choices for viewing and noise level. You can use small, hand-held electronics, DVD players and laptop computers. Check with your nurse about the availability to borrow a VCR or DVD player, games or movies or to learn how to connect to our wireless guest Internet network.


Security staff is on duty 24/7 and can be reached via phone ext. 2459 or through the operator by dialing "0." Security patrols the main campus buildings, as well as the parking lots, and will escort you or your visitors to a parked vehicle if this would make you feel more safe and secure. Security can be of assistance in a wide variety of situations so please don't hesitate to contact them.

Photography/Videotaping/Recording of Staff Members, Other Patients, Visitors, and Physicians

The patient must respect the privacy of staff members, other patients, visitors, and physicians.  Patients  may not photograph, videotape, record, or depict in any manner any staff member, other patient, visitor, or physician.  Nor may patients post on any social media site any identifying or personal information about a staff member, other patient, visitor, or physician.

Lost and Found

Our lost and found items are handled by Security. Please call 258-2459 if you have lost an item during your stay.


Parking lot signage should help you and your visitors determine where to park. The front, south lot has several handicapped parking spots, as well as a few AdvantAge 50 parking spaces. Doctors, clergy and staff sections are marked as such. The Emergency Department and Regional Cancer Center lots are on the west side of the campus. When you are going home, we typically use the canopied Main entrance to protect you from inclement weather.


Your room telephone can be used for local or long-distance calls, however long-distance calls cannot be charged to your room. You will need to make other arrangements for those charges. Cell phones can be used in most areas of the hospital. Please look for signage where they should not be turned on and used as they may interfere with medical equipment tracings.

To place a call outside of the hospital, dial "8" and then the full, seven digit number, plus area code as needed.

You can receive calls from 7 am until 10 pm. Thereafter, calls to your room are automatically routed though the Health Center operator. Your family and friends may dial your room directly from 7 am to 10 pm by dialing (from Charleston) 348- "4" and the three digit room number or (from Mattoon) 238- "4" and the three digit room number. You can also be reached via the main operator by following prompts on the main hospital number 258-2525 and giving the live operator the patient's name or room number.

A Telecommunications Device for the Deaf (TDD) is available in the Emergency Department for communication with hearing-impaired individuals who have a TDD. The number is 258-2552.

You can receive regular mail and emails while hospitalized. Through, an e-mail message can be sent to Sarah Bush Lincoln patients. Please be aware that this message will be printed and hand delivered by one of our volunteers. Messages will be distributed several times throughout the day, Monday through Friday, during normal business hours except for some holidays. Please understand that if the recipient is no longer a patient in the hospital, we will be unable to deliver your message.


Smoking is strictly prohibited at all Sarah Bush Lincoln properties. Ash trays are available outside entrances for extinguishing cigarettes, not as designated smoking areas. Please ask your visitors to respect this important expectation.

The Gift Shop

The Gift Shop is located in the Main Lobby with a wide variety of merchandise including flowers, snacks, magazines and gift items. Credit cards are accepted. The Gift Shop is operated by volunteers and is open 8:30 am to 7 pm Monday through Friday and from 12:30 pm to 4:30 pm on Saturdays and Sundays. You can reach the Gift Shop by dialing ext. 2168. A Coffee Kiosk is open mornings, Monday through Friday, outside the Gift Shop. You can also purchase gifts online and it will be delivered to a patient.


Provided by First Mid-Illinois Bank & Trust
Located in the hallway between the Main Lobby and the Emergency Department by the restrooms.

AdvantAge 50

Inquire about Advantage50 , a free membership program for individuals 50 and better. The benefits include educational seminars, social outings and discounts in The Basement Bistro, Lincolnland Home Medical  and Dial-a-Ride to and from the Health Center. For information, call 258-2422.

Patricia A. Jenkins Medical Library

The library on the ground floor has a wide variety of medical resources that may assist you. It is open to the public. Hours are 8 am to 4:30 pm and a professional library staff can be reached at ext. 2262.

Prairie Medical Pharmacy

This full-service pharmacy offers quick, convenient services with competitive pricing. Prairie Medical Pharmacy is located just east of the Main Lobby reception desk. Hours are 8:30 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday. It can be reached at 258-2411.

Food & Nutrition Services

Our staff of professional registered dietitians is available to help you with a wide variety of nutritional needs during your stay and when you go home. Your doctor will work with the dietitians to direct your nutritional goals during your stay. If you would benefit from nutritional or weight-loss education as part of your prevention or treatment after you go home, contact your doctor for an order and his/her staff will help you get started.

Support Groups

Sarah Bush Lincoln offers, and is aware of, Support Groups for a wide variety of health-related conditions and diagnoses. Contact Case Management at ext. 2392 for information about support groups in our area.

Your Healthcare Team

During your stay, you may be attended to by a number of healthcare professionals who will provide treatment prescribed by your doctor. Staff members, such as nurses, physical therapists, radiologic technologists, occupational therapists, cardiopulmonary therapists and technologists, case managers, audiologists and laboratory technologists, provide a vital link between you and your doctor. Our commitment to quality is reflected in the way these professionals are devoted to your care. Each member of the Health Center family brings his or her own brand of expertise and dedication to the job.

A wide variety of professionals may be involved with your diagnosis and treatment plan of care. The following is some of the individuals that may be involved in your care or service and what skills they add to your dynamic healthcare team at Sarah Bush Lincoln.

Physicians and Mid-level Providers - Doctors (MD or DO), Certified Physician Assistants (PA-C) and Nurse Practitioners (NP or APN) direct the care you receive. You may be cared for by a Hospitalist. Nurses (RNs) are responsible for the coordination of your care 24/7 and deliver hands-on skills for much of your care. If you would like nurse staffing information, please ask to speak with the Nursing Supervisor or call the Nursing Supervisor at 217 348-3423 and the information will be provided. Support staff (LPN­­s, Care Partners and Clerical Partners) support the care delivered by many professionals in a wide variety of diagnostic and therapeutic activities 24/7. Case Managers are nurses that coordinate the plans for you to go home, and they follow your progress throughout your entire stay.

Respiratory Care staff provides preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic services related to your respiratory and cardiovascular needs/conditions.

Physical Therapists and Occupational Therapists provide diagnostic and therapeutic services related to your activities of daily living for basic tasks such as dressing and bathing, as well as complex strengthening/endurance rehabilitation after an injury or surgery to a hand, limb or central skeletal/nervous system condition. They use modern equipment and hands-on therapy to rehabilitate you and bring you back to the best possible physical condition after an illness, injury or surgery.

Speech Therapists help diagnose and treat a wide variety of conditions, diagnoses, injuries and/or surgical procedure outcomes. Examples include helping improve speech after a stroke or because of developmental delay, or to help improve swallowing function and cognitive responses after a stroke or brain injury.

Audiologists assist individuals with testing and developing treatment plans/assistive devises for a wide variety of conditions including but not limited to the ears.

Laboratory professionals collect specimens of body fluids and run tests on them as ordered by doctors and mid-level providers to help diagnose and/or treat your condition or illness.

Radiology professionals complete a wide variety of radiological studies that help diagnoses and or treat your condition or illness. These may include X-rays, ultrasound, nuclear medicine studies, CT scans, various kinds of scans and MRI - magnetic resonance imaging.

Going Home

You can leave the Health Center after your doctor discharges you and you receive instructions either from your doctor or a nurse.

Discharge Planning

Many people have a need for medical care or support which will continue after they leave the Health Center. Planning to go home customarily begins early in your stay. Our Case Management staff will provide counseling and help to arrange needed services, including home health care, nursing home care, case management, medical equipment, home-delivered meals or Lifeline® personal emergency response system.


Following your stay with us, you may receive a telephone call from HealthStream Research. This call will only take a few minutes and your feedback will be used by Sarah  Bush Lincoln to continually provide excellent patient care. Patients are randomly selected, and if you are chosen, please complete the survey. If you have caller ID on your telephone, HealthStream Research. the following number will appear on your display: 301-575-9366.

Medical Record Management

While you are at the Health Center, a technical document recording every aspect of your care is maintained. A medical record is used for care management, quality assurance review, financial reimbursement, education, public health, accreditation certification and licensure. Providers of care must keep records to document the services they rendered. While the medical record is the physical property of the Health Center, the information in the medical record belongs to you.

There are very specific rules regarding the authorization to release your medical record. If you need your medical record, the Health Center asks that your request be in writing to:

Medical Record Management

Sarah Bush Lincoln Health Center
1000 Health Center Dr., P.O. Box 372
Mattoon, Illinois, 61938

You may call the department at (217) 258-2536 or (217) 258-2374. There may be a service charge to obtain your record, and a photo identification is required before your record is presented to you.


Your bill from the Health Center will include charges for your room, nursing care, meals, medications and use of equipment and technicians in administering tests and treatments.

You may also receive additional bills for specific services provided during your inpatient stay, such as a radiologist fee. These services are provide­d to you by a specialist at your doctor's request, or as required by government regulation. Your doctor(s) will bill you separately for his or her services. If you do not have insurance, you will be required to pay cash at the time of service or make arrangements. Our financial counselors can explain our Financial Assistance Program. If you need help completing insurance, Medicare or Medicaid forms, assistance is available. Please call ext. 2541 from 8 am to 4 pm Monday through Friday for an appointment.

Health Information Privacy Policies and Forms
Following are links to our health information privacy notice and authorization to disclose protected health information forms. The are saved in a .pdf format and can be viewed and printed from your computer. There is a service charge to obtain your record, and a photo identification is required before your record is presented to you. These pages are designed for optimum print quality. Please be patient while they download.
Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to open this file and can be downloaded free.

Privacy Notice  English   |  Spanish
Authorization to Disclose Protected Health Information
Request for Amendment of Protected Health Information

If you have questions about these forms or their use, please call Medical Record Management at (217) 258-2536 or 258-3474

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