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Counseling/Crisis Services- Jasper County Health Department

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106 Edwards Street
Newton, IL 62448

Telephone Numbers and Contact Information:

(618) 783-4154 Jeannie Johnson - Behavioral Health Director
(618) 783-2339 Fax

Web Page:
Email to:

Program Details:

Program/Service Notes:

Jasper County Health Department is licensed and funded by the Illinois Department of Human Services; Division of Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities, and the Division of Substance Use Prevention and Recovery for a number of services. Behavioral Health Services are offered through individual, family, couple, or group sessions. Staff provide assessment and treatment planning, therapy/counseling, medication training and monitoring, and case management as well as other services as needed. Screening services to assist those in need of inpatient care is also provided as needed. Call for information about the various programs that are available.
We also have a secondary Location of 405 S. Whittle, Olney, IL 62450

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