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Annual Fund


As we celebrate the season of giving, please take some time to read about a variety of programs and services at Sarah Bush Lincoln and consider a donation to one or more of your favorites. Perhaps the Regional Cancer Center or Lincolnland Hospice has touched your life or that of a loved one. Or, you may want to help those who cannot help themselves, including children experiencing dental pain with no means to access care. And for those who like to be a part of Sarah Bush Lincoln’s growth, there is an opportunity to make a gift to the new Sarah Bush Lincoln Surgery Center.

Your donations don’t go unnoticed. Your gift of any size helps so many in need. We are thankful for you and your dedication to Sarah Bush Lincoln and our patients. Have a wonderful holiday season.

SBL Surgery Center

Sarah Bush Lincoln is in the planning stages for an outpatient surgery center on the Health Center’s main campus, with construction to begin in Spring 2019. Surgical procedures that will be moved to the new center include ophthalmology, orthopedic,
and ENT surgeries.

The 18,000-square-foot facility will be situated east of Prairie Pavilion 1 and cost just under $13 million to build. Construction is expected to be complete by Spring 2020.

Many outpatient surgeries currently performed in the Health Center will be performed in the new surgery center after it opens in an effort to accommodate new orthopedic and ENT surgeries that require hospitalizations. Sarah Bush Lincoln currently has eight surgery suites in the Health Center.

Your gift of any size will support Sarah Bush Lincoln’s new outpatient surgery center. An example of donations that include recognition are:

  • $5,000 donation:  Individual plaque recognizing you for your generous donation
  • $1,000 donation:  Your name/business engraved on a group plaque with other generous donors in the main reception area

SBL Dental Services

Anna, a local first grader, begged her mom to take her to a dentist as her toothache had worsened. As much as she wanted to, mom simply couldn’t afford to take her. It was all she could do to put food on the table. Ben, who is 17 years old, had never been to a dentist. When he saw a dentist on the SBL Mobile Dental Unit, his teeth were extremely decayed and infected. With fear the infection would spread, his teeth needed pulled…all of them.

With more than 20 percent of kids living below the poverty level in East Central Illinois, thousands of children in our service area do not visit a dentist. In fact, one in eight children doesn’t even own a toothbrush or has to share one with siblings.

Through the Sarah Bush Lincoln Dental Program, children like Anna and Ben are eligible for exams, cleanings, surgical and restorative dental care. The children’s program serves those from birth to 18 years of age who receive benefits through Medicaid/AllKids and who are eligible for the Free/Reduced School Lunch Program. This dental program is possible thanks to philanthropic support.

Any size of donation will help, but here are two ways to support the program:

  • $134 donation:  Provides restorative dental care for a child living in your county. For each child you sponsor, we will send you an update on the age of the child and treatment plan
  • $25 donation:  Provides toothbrush kits to 21 children in your county

Lincolnland Hospice of SBL

Lincolnland Hospice of Sarah Bush Lincoln cares for and supports people who are terminally ill. It's a comprehensive program of care dedicated to controlling pain, relieving discomfort, and supporting the terminally ill physically, emotionally, and spiritually, as well as their family. Hospice services are provided regardless of ability to pay. Lincolnland Hospice serves 20 counties in East Central Illinois from its offices in Mattoon and Effingham, and worksites in Paris and Casey.

People in hospice care often have special wishes. They wish to speak to long-lost family members, revisit a favorite place or provide a spouse or child with a token of their love. With Grant-A-Wish, we help meet end-of-life requests.

Your donation to Lincolnland Hospice could do just that – provide last wishes that often represent a lifetime of memories.

Examples of donation options include:

  • $500 donation:  You will provide a last wish to a Hospice patient
  • $50 donation:  Provides a bath chair to a patient to help them remain at home

Peace Meal Program of SBL

Hazel is a sweet 82-year-old who lives alone. Her husband passed away and her daughter lives in Ohio. She doesn’t drive anymore so she always looks forward to her home-delivered meal (and a quick visit) from Sarah Bush Lincoln’s Peace Meal driver. On a cold winter day, Hazel fell in her garage and was unable to get up. When she didn’t answer the door, the Peace Meal driver grew concerned so he went to the side door of the garage and saw Hazel. When he reached her she said, “I knew you’d come.”

Nutrition to senior residents is essential, and so is peace of mind. Sarah Bush Lincoln’s Peace Meal program provides 400,000 quality, fresh meals per year to nearly 5,000 senior residents in East Central Illinois. The person delivering those meals is often the only contact the senior may have all day so the delivery also serves as a wellness check.

Peace Meal receives some funding from state/federal grants and it requests donations from seniors receiving meals, but many seniors are unable to pay. The costs of meals far outweigh grant funds and client donations. That’s why your help is needed!

You can sponsor a senior and help to provide meals to them. Suggested donations include:

  • $1,200 donation:  Provides meals for a year to a senior
  • $600 donation:  Provides meals for six months
  • $100 donation:  Provides meals for one month
  • $25 donation:  Provides meals for a week

SBL Mobile Mammography Unit

Tammy has three young children and is busy traveling to baseball games, soccer practice and Girl Scouts; that’s after she gets off work. Like many young moms, Tammy puts everyone else’s needs first so she didn’t take time to get her mammogram. But when the Sarah Bush Lincoln Mobile Mammography Unit came to the factory where she worked, she skipped lunch and had a screen. The next day, Tammy received a call that she needed further testing. There was a lump that looked concerning. It was a call she will never forget and ultimately,
that decision to have a screening saved her life.

Of 1,100 screenings performed annually on the Unit, which travels to Coles, Clark, Cumberland, Douglas, Edgar, Effingham, Fayette, Jasper and Moultrie counties, more than 120 require further testing. Screenings are performed at clinics, health departments, banks, factories, schools, colleges, etc.

The SBL Mobile Mammography Program was developed two decades ago when access was cited as one of the main reasons women don’t have regular mammograms. Your donation to this vital program will help bring access to even more locations in your community on a new Mobile Mammography Unit being introduced next month.

To show your support for this vital service, a suggested donation is:

  • $100 donation:  Your name will be placed with other generous donors inside the Unit, noting your generous support of this important screening.

Regional Cancer Center

When John learned he had stage 4 stomach cancer, he just wanted to give up. He made his first trip to the Regional Cancer Center with much pessimism. But when he sat down with Medical Oncologist Abdur Shakir, MD, the only words he remembers from that visit were: “We can beat this cancer.” And he did! Today he credits not just the skilled medical care he received, but the compassion and optimism of Regional Cancer Center oncologists and staff.

The Regional Cancer Center offers hope to people who seek treatment there. The Center provides skilled care with the latest technology and drug trials to clinically provide the best possible treatment to our cancer patients.

Throughout John’s many weeks of chemotherapy, he, like so many others here, call his care team part of his family. And that relationship goes both ways. When John finished treatment, there were hugs, tears and celebration.

Your donation to the Regional Cancer Center will provide medical necessities for people who have no or limited insurance – and there are many. Your gift will allow someone to fight the disease without the added stress of financial struggle to pay for the costs of medications/treatments.

Suggested donations include:

  • $1,000 donation:  Leaf on the Tree of Life recognizing a loved one or caregiver
  • $100 donation:  Provides soothing cream for radiation burns to four patients

Behavorial Health Initiatives

Sarah Bush Lincoln Behavioral Health Services offers a continuum of programs for adults and adolescents. Referrals are accepted from medical providers, community agencies, employers, clergy, family or friends, or persons in need may refer themselves. Help is available 24 hours a day for various issues including anxiety, depression, chemical dependency, eating disorders and family relationships.

Inpatient adult services offer group, individual and family therapy, as well as 24-hour nursing care delivered by a treatment team of recreational therapists, social services and case management personnel, medical/psychiatric nurses and psychiatrists.

Your donation will help provide services to those patients who cannot afford care. There are also ongoing needs within the unit where help is needed.

For example, your gift can provide the following:

  • $50 donation:  Assistance for those without resources
  • $25 donation:  Books and videos for outpatient pediatric patients, including those focusing on depression, anxiety and ADHD
  • $10 donation:  Craft supplies used for recreational therapy

Body Electric

Body Electric provides data and support to communities to combat teen health risk behaviors.  For the first time in its history, the Body Electric youth survey didn't show that alcohol use was the survey respondents' main concern. Instead, depression and suicide easily topped underage drinking as the biggest concern for 8th grade students and high school sophomores and seniors who took part in the survey. Twenty percent say they have seriously considered suicide in the past year. Nearly 50 percent of 8th graders say they have been bullied or made fun of because of their appearance.

A main goal of Body Electric is to develop and promote messages through student artwork that will lead to healthy lifestyle choices. Youth are equipped with knowledge, skills, materials, and assistance to creatively express their health concerns for each other. But also, school and community presentations are a big part of Body Electric, funded mostly with philanthropic donations. For example, WomenConnected, a women’s philanthropic giving circle within the Foundation, is funding presentations by a Cyber Crimes Detective to educate local students on safety with cell phones and social media and what to do if bullied. Parent presentations will teach parents how to monitor their children’s cellphone use and how to deal with bullying situations.

  • Your donation of any size to Body Electric will be designated to future presentations in local schools that focus on teenage health risk behaviors

For more information about making a donation, please contact Amy Card at 217-258-2511 or .