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Other (IRA/Life Insurance/Real Property)

Other strategies for planned giving include:

IRA or Qualified Plan.

Naming Sarah Bush Lincoln Health Foundation a beneficiary of an IRA or Qualified Retirement Plan is a wonderful way to make a planned gift. At death, retirement plan or IRA balances are included for estate and income taxes - often up to 85 percent. Naming Sarah Bush Lincoln as a beneficiary to your IRA or retirement plan prevents it from becoming a liability of the estate, and the gift is made with pre-tax dollars.

Life Insurance Policy.

Life insurance makes it possible for virtually everyone to make a meaningful planned gift. Policies that were never used for their original purpose can make excellent gifts when given to Sarah Bush Lincoln. The donor can deduct the replacement value of the policy or the cost basis. Some people find they can make a much larger gift by purchasing a life insurance policy and naming Sarah Bush Lincoln as owner and/or beneficiary.

Real Property for Lifetime Use.

A gift of real estate can be made to Sarah Bush Lincoln while providing the donor with lifetime use of the property. At time of death, the property is an asset of the Foundation and is excluded from the donor's estate.